ION is an innovative Holding Company that makes investments in digital media throughout Latin America while additionally providing creative services to its clients producing incredible identities for their brands and products. From production to post production, scripts, product integration, print, and live telecast events, our strength shines, because at ION we get it done.


Testimonials back

“I had the pleasure to work with Marco the visual journalist and Marco the artist. And he excelled at both roles in one place, The Miami Herald, as a great designer of informative charts and maps, and as a creative and inspiring illustrator. In his diagrams, he always found ways to organize information clearly, without superfluous details. In his illustrations, he displayed the power of color, dynamism and, most distinctly, humor. He knows his tools - all the latest techniques and software programs. He is a consistent professional and a great asset for anyone with an interest in harnessing the impact of visual information.”
Elias Lopez Gross
- Staff Editor, The New York Times

“I have worked with many print designers through out my career. As a web based designer working with a print designer it can be a challenge sometimes. Marco and I have worked together on a few projects. Marco was extremely professional and understands both mediums very well. He prepared graphics for print and the web without problem. He was very easy to communicate with and above all he is an amazing designer. The best in the business. He has plenty of experience and knowledge and it shows the minute you interact with him. I would recommend Marco for any company or project in full confidence.”
Shawn Greene - Art Director, National Geographic

“Working with Marco is an experience I will never forget. We first worked side by side on art cubicles in the early 1990s, both part of the News Art Department of the Dallas Morning News. Working as graphic artists and illustrators, we established a commonality and friendship that electrified the whole department! The group, as a whole, was top notch professionally, and having the camaraderie, laughter and family-like-feel introduced to the entire group is something that I have not seen much in the corporate world today. Marco played a big role in that fun atmosphere. I learned much of the electronic art world through daily conversations with Marco, but the most important lesson I learned from him was the essence and importance of friendship, loyalty, laughter, fun and professionalism in the work place. We always looked forward to the next working day!”
Lamberto Alvarez - Illustration Director, The Dallas Morning News

“The reporters and editors on the Business Staff had the pleasure of working often with Marco on numerous business graphics, as he specialized in turning often complex data into readable, attractive displays. He understood how to work with information, and he worked extremely diligently to make sure all the details were right. I always knew my staff's stories were in good hands with Marco.”
Lisa Gibbs - Senior Writer, Money Magazine

“I worked with Marco often while I was at The Dallas Morning News. He is a terrific designer and a great person to boot. Highly recommended.”
John Banks - Sr. Deputy Editor, ESPN

“Marco is a very talented, creative and fun person to work with. Marco always delivered great graphics and illustrations in a timely manner and was open to make any changes if needed. He is very efficient in using various design and illustrative programs, and produces high quality work on deadline. He has a great sense of humor and shares it with everyone who has the opportunity to work with him. I recommend that you do.”
April Robinson - Designer -The National, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Marco is not only one of the nicest people with whom I've ever worked, but also one of the most talented graphic artists I've ever met. Always willing to help, I've learned a lot by working side by side with him on several projects, and would do so again in a heartbeat!”
Danny Paskin - Assistant Professor of Journalism and New Media at California State University, Long Beach

“We approached Marco some time ago when we needed a logo for a new investment partnership about to be launched. We needed stationary and cards.  Within a very short period (a couple of days) he produced an amazing logo that looks fresh and exciting every day. On the strength of the turnaround time and results, we asked Marco to take a look at our presentation to investors.  Within days he transformed our presentation into from a flat document into a great selling tool. It was hard to believe that the words and the graphs we had utilized were the same.  The ideas we were trying to convey were clearer, neater and more attractive.  It was outstanding!  I could not recommend Marco more highly. 
Miguel Bachrach - Bacharach Asset Management