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We work by asking “What do consumers want?,” “How do they want to be perceived?” and the big question “Why Us instead of so many other companies?” It is our team that separates us from the rest... Our years of experience… Our motivation… Our drive to make your company, or brand excel above the rest… “It’s so nice to finally meet you”

ION’s creative team’s approach has wings a plenty, we take pride in creating a message that is perfect for the medium were it is to live in, not noise , but rather a tailor approach to both add value, and stand alone from all other competitive advertisers. Our objectives are always focused on delivering the highest levels of execution for our clients with a firm conviction that their products or brand will excel in a diverse, hungry, and highly competitive global marketplace.
It is through our combined experiences, and work flow that we know how to create experiences that consumers seek out, and choose to spend time with. An interesting transformation occurs when a consumer experiences something that is so visually rich, compelling, and useful; all of a sudden it transforms their relationship with a brand and creates a unique bond; we look for this in everything we opt to do within our work, and in whatever medium chosen.

At ION accountability begins at the beginning. Our analysts develop business cases and scenario tools, and they forecast results as part of our ‘upfront planning process’; we then listen, measure, mine data for insights and opportunities, and optimize results.

We budget ‘job per job’, and set a strict production to implement objectives and optimize profits while guaranteeing the right impressions to each of our clients.