At ION we own our equipment, our preferred shooting platform is RED Digital Cinema, which guarantees superb image capture and assures proper archiving

Short, informative and empowering stories that deal with the world of tech, the products, the people that create it, the end users, and the future that impacts our world by the multiple uses of technology. Illustrating the many ways Hispanics in the US and abroad will be able to acquire and use it to their advantage.

Telemundo Tech airing exclusively on NBC Telemundo Network News will dive deep and showcase genuine opportunities, and help bridge the gap between the innovator and the core companies and manufactures; it will facilitate and share incredible insights on the people that are developing the next great ideas, providing exclusive interviews with the leaders in the tech industry, and beyond, bringing their world closer to our audience and showing us the complexity of their lives and what it takes to get there.

Spearheaded by Renzo a young millennial entrepreneur and a highly motivated tech aficionado, Renzo will help make Telemundo Tech be the first true Hispanic footprint in Silicon Valley that provides the much needed synergy between Palo Alto and South America putting in touch Hispanic innovators with a powerful global tech community while at the same time via our capsules propel this valuable information letting it resonate with our US Hispanic young audience, by providing simple and direct stories that cut through the clutter and get to the core right away much like in the style of Vice.

One of our core objectives is to create strong alliances with the likes of Singularity University, AmesResearch, Center, Google to name a few.