At ION we own our equipment, our preferred shooting platform is RED Digital Cinema, which guarantees superb image capture and assures proper archiving

C+ is unique concept for branding programming that ION has developed and works in practically any media making the viewer know more about what they want to see . In Spanish, “se mas” or “Cmas” means “I know more”. C+ is largely a documentary narrative style of story telling that infuses the content with additional information that is relevant to the viewers’ search. Topics ranging from politics, analysis, entertaiment, sports, music and scholastics C+ will be the icon one would look for and turn to learn more about the subject of interest.

C+ is an added value to the story, and a unique venue that will explore deeper into the subject while fullfilling the viewers’ thirst for knowledge. C+ is also a valuable research tool for students while in school to get help with their scholastics by offering programs and tutorials ‘streamed live’ or pre taped at their fingertips in their platform of choise, mobile or web thus helping them better understand the subject matter.

C+ is the place one would turn to find out more about an interview, it is a way to connect further with the story and to dig deeper into the subject matter and told in a manner that is informative and entertaining.

C+ is an indispensible tool for any serious broadcaster that wants to offer a full 360 experience to its viewers because it transends all media and offers what you are looking for and then some.