ION is an innovative Holding Company that makes investments in digital media throughout Latin America while additionally providing creative services to its clients producing incredible identities for their brands and products. From production to post production, scripts, product integration, print, and live telecast events, our strength shines, because at ION we get it done.


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C+ is an added value tab that cross-pollinates among any digital broadcasting platform serving to inform the viewer with additional information on what they just read. In a unique style of production C+ will serve as an indispensible tool for any broadcaster to include on their programming grid.

Conceived to be an extension of the Orient Express, OXP (the Orient Express Channel) will offer the viewers a first class ticket to travel and discover the most luxurious places, hotels, trains and all things luxury. Incredible documentaries especially produced for OXP by ION along with original programming and talent that is both exciting and fresh.

Interactive Technology Television serves as a unique Digital Signage production company that designs and produces tailor made programming and solutions to make digital signage effective and memorable. ITTV is envisioned as solution to the digital signage market.